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SunPal 2x
Solar Real Estate Light
Product Features: $54.95
    # of LEDs: 20 Lumens: 180 Sign Illumination Area: 3ft x 3ft
    Operation Modes: 4hr, 6hr, all night

The SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light has quickly become the most versatile, affordable, and effective Solar Real Estate Sign Light available on the market today.  Not only does this light extend the hours of your listings’ exposure well into the night, but the SunPal’s 20 ultra-bright LEDs actually make your listing pop out after dark, attracting the eyes of all passers-by.  Self-contained within a single compact unit, the SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light mounts directly over the top of almost any real estate sign or other commercial property sign ranging in 1” – 4” in width, and thus fully illuminates both sides of virtually all real estate sign types.

The SunPal 2X also boasts fully automatic operation.  Simply mount the light to the top of your real estate listing, turn it on, and let the SunPal go to work.  The oversized solar panel will charge the internal battery unit quickly and efficiently during the daylight hours, and the light will automatically illuminate at dusk each night for 4 hours, 6 hours, or until the battery is depleted.

With the SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light
your real estate team will:

Enjoy the benefits of one of the most innovative marketing tools available, while simultaneously utilizing clean, renewable energy and “greening” your image.

  • Double your listing exposure: your real estate signs work for you 24/7.
  • Save money by avoiding the costs of other real estate sign lights- there are no electrical connection or usage fees and no expensive batteries to replace every month.
  • Make more money by drawing added attention to your featured listings which means faster sales, more commissions, and more residuals and referrals.

The SunPal 2X Solar Real Estate Light is the perfect marketing tool for Realtors and Brokers looking to set their listings apart from every other property in town, and deliver consistent sales leads and a great return on investment.

The SunPal 2X Solar Real Estate Light features:

  • A sleek black ABS plastic body
  • Easy mount bracket for installation in under 5 minutes
  • 20 Ultra Bright LEDs
  • Auto, 4 Hour, & 6 Hour Lighting Options
  • Over-sized Solar Panel for Quick Charging
  • Uses 3 1.2v AA Rechargeable Batteries (included)
  • Fits Real Estate Signs 1″-4″ in width
  • # of LEDs: 20
  • Lumens: 180
  • Housing Type: ABS Plastic Black
  • Brand: SunPal
  • Manufacturer: Silicon Solar
  • Solar Panel Type: Mono Crystalline
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 11.25″ x 2″
  • Lighting Circuit Efficiency: 90%
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Operation Modes: 4hr, 6hr, all night
  • Sign Post Sizes: Mounts up to 3.5" x 3.5" post
  • Sign Illumination Area: 3 x 3 ft
  • Installation Time: 20 min
  • Warranty: 1yr
6 reviews for New SunPal 2x
Solar Real Estate Light
  • 4 out of 5

Brook – January 23, 2013:

Great Service! Thank you!

  • 3 out of 5

Douglas – April 29, 2013:

works great, lights up my sign. I would need one more to make it perfect. The light is bright and easy to direct.

  • 4 out of 5

Cristal – June 13, 2013:

Sign light was used on an armpost sign. Light track is adjustable but only lights the upper half of sign. Does not clamp tightly on top post unless you drill holes in one side of top post to accomodate screws. If there’s a strong wind, light will fall off. Does not clamp tightly on frame sign. Need to build up additional brackets for tight fit. Does the job but should have better fastening system.

  • 3 out of 5

Warrick Kent – July 15, 2013:

I have always been a fan of solar and green things. The light works pretty good, the LED lights are brighter than I was expected. Impressed by the adjustable function, but i would prefer it comes with a bigger panel, so the it can provides more lights.

  • 4 out of 5

Maria – August 30, 2013:

I was leasing my house for rent. Purchased this real estate sign light for my sign in the front yard. It works fine and light up the sign at night. With the timer build in, i don’t have to always turn it off manually. Easy to install, few screws are good enough to make it tight.

  • 5 out of 5

San Luis Obispo, CA Review – September 25, 2014:

Purchase 20 for my listings, very happy with clients feedback! Thanks guys!

SunPal 2x
Solar Real Estate Light
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Stand out from
the crowd
  • Look professional
  • Impress your clients

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  • by 50%
  • stay Visible 24/7
  • make the sign work for you around the clock
  • Promote yourself around the clock
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Generate more
leads, generate
more sales
  • Solar real estate sign lights are one of the smartest investments you can make, with one of quickest returns on your investment. It is a fast, powerful and affordable marketing tool for your real estate business.



- Will help you "get the listing" because you will be different!
- It conveys to current and future clients that you are working harder than the competition to sell homes.
- Solar  real estate sign lights communicates to your buyers that you are doing everything to sell their home.
- Will retro fit to almost any real estate sigh you own or will purchase
- it is a solar powered light. It eliminates the worry about running out  of power, changing batteries, or leaving the light on during dayling hours.
 - real estate listing signs are working for you 24 hours a day…this increases the interest in your listing, reduces the amount of time that it takes to sell the homes/properties you are listing, and will increase your future listings because of your fast, almost guaranteed closings.


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At Silicon Solar, we aim to build a sustainable future for our global community. In todays high-energy consuming world, we offer world-class solar energy and renewable products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.
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At Silicon Solar our mission is to:
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  • Offer world-class solar energy products
  • Pioneer the development and distribution of new solar energy technologies.
  • Provide a educational network for our customers
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